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Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated statement from Pursuit

Unfortunately there is no rule book for the current situation that we all find ourselves in but with the various UK Government announcements we have taken the decision that all members of staff are now working from... Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement from Pursuit.

A word which is being used a lot is “unprecedented” times. I would like to reassure customers we are here to support them and currently the support desk and office is open as normal so we can support your general... Read More

Why kindness is the new currency

The team at Pursuit Software recently hit the road to travel to Birmingham for the Jewellery and Watch Show, taking place at the NEC. We were among 200 exhibitors and many hundreds of visitors who enjoyed the... Read More

Junior Developer - Working on Cloud based and on premises EPOS Systems.

£16,000-£20,000 depending on experience. This is an opportunity to become a junior developer at Pursuit Software the UK’s leading EPOS supplier to the Jewellery Trade. The successful candidate will have need... Read More

Does size really matter?

Can a service provider used to working with multi-nationals and large corporations be equally effective in a working relationship with a small to medium sized business? In some respects the answer is yes. There are... Read More

What makes a good business leader?

Pursuit Software works across a range of businesses. From high-end, international companies to small and medium-sized businesses, we work hard to make sure that our products meet the demands for each of our... Read More

Playing our part in your success

For small-to medium size businesses, service providers such as Pursuit Software are an important part of the wider team behind a company’s success. Where huge global giants might have every conceivable service... Read More

Fit for the workplace

People do regular fitness activities for various reasons. To stay healthy, to lose or maintain weight, to tone muscles, to look good. Very rarely is the equation between physical fitness and our ability to work... Read More

Sport takes pole position in the world of business

The synergy between sport and business is often talked about, but just what do we understand by it and what, if anything, can business learn from sport? At the recent IJL, star racing driver Alice Powell was on hand... Read More

Personal appearance at IJL by star racing driver Alice Powell

Racing driver Alice Powell will be a star guest at IJL on Monday 02 September. She will appear on the stand of retail technology market lead Pursuit, and set a target lap time to beat on the stand’s IJL Pursuit... Read More


ENTRANTS AND ENTRY Only one entry per person. A breach of these provisions will result in the entrant being excluded from the competition Persons involved in the design or running of the competition or any employees... Read More

It’s holiday season and the workforce has earned it

It’s that time of year when everyone downs tools and heads off for a fortnight lazing in the sun or splashing around in azure blue waters. Here at Pursuit Software we know that the team works hard all year, so... Read More

Staying ahead of the curve

When it comes to innovation and ensuring that customers are offered the very best service, then Pursuit Software is among the leaders in the field. Very early on in its life, the father and son team Doug and Mike Burns... Read More

A futuristic view of the high street

There is much talk about the death of the high street. Retailers with physical premises in a town centre are fighting fires on a number of fronts. High business rates, limited and expensive parking, out-of-town retail... Read More

Small measures that don’t cost the earth

Conservationist, environmentalist and general good guy Sir David Attenborough is never far from our thoughts as he continually exhorts us all to do our bit towards saving the planet. The message is clear: this... Read More

What business can learn from sport

With our local football team making its way back to the top tier of soccer, it seems an appropriate time to look at what pearls of wisdom a business can learn from a sports team. The crossover between sport and... Read More

When making an exhibition of yourself really works

It’s trade show season and time for companies and businesses to weigh the the benefits of having a presence against the costs incurred to be there. It is not just money that you invest when you go to a trade show,... Read More

Fit for work

Here at Pursuit Software we are all about finding solutions to your technology requirements so that you and your staff can offer the very best service to your customers. But just sometimes we like to take a wider... Read More

New Member of the Pursuit Team

We would like to welcome Chris- our newest member of the support team! ... Read More

Free personal mobile till tablets from Pursuit

Jewellery retail systems market lead Pursuit is giving away a free tablet computer with Lifestyle personal mobile till installed by 30 April 2019. Over the past year, Pursuit has signed up over 250 new user licences,... Read More

Why partnerships are worth working at

An earlier post announced that Pursuit Software has been nominated for an award as Best Service Provider in the UK Jewellery Awards 2019. One of the most pleasing things about this is the recognition that businesses... Read More

Pursuit in line for top prize

It’s awards season - whether it is Norfolk’s own Olivia Colman picking up the Oscar for best female performance in The Favourite or Suffolk’s own Ed Sheeran who claimed the Global Success award at the Brits. What... Read More

How to ensure customers keep coming back

When it comes to marketing your products, knowledge about your customer is absolutely key. You can throw thousands of pounds at an all-singing, all-dancing marketing campaign but if it is not creating loyal customers,... Read More

**Job Opportunity**

This is a Part Time position with hours to suit school time collection times as the number and days worked are flexible. Whilst this is not a cold call centre opportunity, experience of telemarketing or sales is... Read More

AI, Chatbots and Videos are all future Champions

Many of our blogs explore recent trends and potential patterns of growth or change in the retail sector. The purpose is to provide information to help the retailer decide on their own company’s direction of... Read More

Partnership with Champions Digital

Pursuit are excited to announce our newly formed partnership with Champions Digital. Based in Nottingham, Champions Digital are a full-service digital marketing agency that provide a variety of digital marketing... Read More

Top retails trends for 2019

As we enter a new year, as ever Pursuit Software has made it a top priority to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in retail. Only by being abreast of new developments in the world of retail can we be the... Read More

Getting down to the basics

If you are looking to introduce a Point of Sale (POS) system into your business, we at Pursuit Software are more than aware that it is a competitive market out there. The fact you are on our website means you are... Read More

How to build a frontline staff A-team

One of the benefits of the SmartMPOS system is that it allows front-line staff to enjoy positive interactions with customers. By having a customer’s details at their fingertips, staff are able to engage with the... Read More

A new approach to sales

Pushy sales people and aggressive marketing campaigns are well and truly a thing of the past. Enhanced consumer knowledge and understanding; general access to online information about products; an ability to thoroughly... Read More

New opportunities to connect with your customers

As we approach the midpoint of the year, it is time to take a look at some of the trends that have emerged over the past few months in retail. There is no doubt that brick and mortar retail is facing unparalleled... Read More

Keeping your customers happy

Many customers are taking to social media as a means of complaining about a company. From huge companies such as the air and rail operators to independent shops, if customers feel they have not received the best... Read More

Consumer loyalty – it’s all about the experience

How successful are loyalty schemes? And how in touch with today’s customers are loyalty schemes that first came into existence up to 30 years ago? In the UK, on average, people are enrolling in 14 loyalty... Read More

Does the past predict the future?

Should you be looking to the past to predict the future when it comes to sales trends? Certainly those people affected by various economic slumps in the past would suggest that relying on historical data to create your... Read More

Why Data Analytics are vital for retail companies

As a retailer it is so important that you get your offer to the customer spot-on. The aim of every retailer is three-fold: retain your existing customer base; attract new people to your business and sell more to each... Read More

Mixing security with agility equals boom for business

There is no doubt that data protection is going to be one of the most talked about challenges of 2018. Whatever industry or business you operate within, you are going to need to be aware and compliant with the new Data... Read More

Pre Sales Support- Job Opportunity

This is a new and exciting opportunity to join a growing team who are selling into high value business customers. You will be responsible for researching prospects within the B2B market together with enhancing the... Read More

The Retail Business Technology Expo

We will be exhibiting at RBTE- The Retail Business Technology Expo this year! Come down and see us between the 2nd-3rd May 2018 at the London Olympia on stand K120 to find out all about our latest Innovation... Read More

Spreading the word via social media

More than half a million new small and medium sized businesses open for business each year and many are in the retail sector. Spreading the word and generating excitement about a new retail outlet is a real... Read More

Stay one step ahead

The retail sector has always been cut-throat but with a tough economy and an uncertain future, for the independent retailer on the high street, life may never have seemed so challenging. Sure, you might have a great... Read More

Five top trends for 2018

As a business person or manager in the retail sector, you should already have your own ideas about trends in the sector you are likely to witness over the next 12 months. These ideas and visions into the future are... Read More

Looking to the future

In our second blog post relating to an article published by The Economist Intelligence Unit earlier this year, we look at The Store of the Future. The ideas outlined below are all ways that high street stores and... Read More

Bricks and mortar retailers fight back

The rise of online retailers such as Amazon and e-Bay have undoubtedly posed a real challenge to the high street store and many brands have wilted or disintegrated under the pressure. However, as human beings, we have a... Read More

Pursuit releases new Streamlined website

Pursuits Website Pursuits new website article ... Read More

Pursuit sees 70% rise in Ipad-based Lifestyle mobile till and POS till

Rise in Ipad-based Software ... Read More

A return to high street shopping

When you have been in business as long as some of our team here at Pursuit Software, you really appreciate the changes that the retail sector has been through over the past few decades and some of the challenges that a... Read More

Countdown to attend Make Your Mark 2017

Countdown to Attend Make Your Mark 2017 starts next week and places are still available for students to attend! Please see below to read the full story! Countdown to attend Make Your Mark 2017 ... Read More

Jewellery & Watch Show 2018

We attended the Jewellery & Watch Show in 2017 where we revealed our next generation hand held till and spotlight seamless shop and online sales integration. Since then, we have launched our brand new SmartMPOS product.... Read More

SmartMPOS by Pursuit

We have just launched our new SmartMPOS product- Visit the links below to find out more about or latest products! SmartMPOS by Pursuit SmartMPOS: Smarter Shopping ... Read More

Pursuit Analytics

The Pursuit Analytics service is designed to give business owners and managers a clear picture of under-performing stock as well as new products and overall best sellers. Analysis parameters include sales and stock... Read More

IJL 2018

If you missed us at the IJL 2017- we will be coming back for the International Jewellery London Show 2018! More details to follow but keep your eyes peeled..... Read More

IJL 2017

We recently attended the International Jewellery London Show 2017. The IJL this year for us was an amazing event – we had the WOW factor of our stand – the whole area was just one big TV screen and gained a lot of... Read More

Inspiring Independents 2017

Mike Burns, Managing Director of Pursuit Software recently attended the Inspiring Independents 2017! Congratulations and Well Done to all the winners and everyone who took part! To see the event in Pictures, please... Read More

CMJ adds two new retail members

The Company Of Master Jewellers have added two new retail members. Please see the below link to read the full article! CMJ adds two new retail members ... Read More

Congratulations to our support manager!

Congratulations to our support manager Jen who got married in August! ... Read More

A return to the golden age of customer service

SmartMPOS launched in the jewellery retail sector in August and was then launched to the wider retail sector a few weeks later. Among its many advantages are an ability for shop staff to interact with the customer as... Read More

SmartMPOS - Perfect for the independent retailer

SmartMPOS launched in the jewellery retail sector in August and was then launched to the wider retail sector a few weeks later. Among its many advantages are an ability for shop staff to interact with the customer as... Read More

Using mobile technology to improve productivity

Mobile technology is changing the retail landscape and Pursuit Software is at the forefront of the revolution with its SmartMPOS system. The first challenge for all managers is how to keep your employees engaged. The... Read More

Empowering staff through SmartMPOS

A business is only as strong as its staff and good staff are hard to come by but even harder to retain. All of which means that the more a manager or owner of a business can create an environment that attracts great... Read More

Norwich: A fine city when it comes to technology

For people who live and work in Norwich, it came as no surprise when the city was named in the top 20 cities in the UK for technological innovation. While there is a common (mythological) stereotype of your typical... Read More

SmartMPOS offers a positive customer experience

While the retail environment is a fast-moving beast, there are some things that never change. Customers want good service, staff want to feel valued, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. We feel SmartMPOS... Read More

The thinking behind SmartMPOS

Speak to any managing director or financial director and mention the words ‘system upgrade’, and you can be pretty sure of a white-faced reaction. All too often a system upgrade results in high costs, lots of... Read More

The view from the shop floor

There is a saying “to be forewarned is to be fore-armed” and this is very true of the staff on the shop floor. With a massive 72 per cent of store staff claiming that customers are more demanding now than they ever... Read More

Putting the customer first

Imagine the scenario: a customer walks into your shop and is greeted immediately by a member of staff. They enjoy a quick conversation where the customer outlines his or her requirements and the member of staff is able... Read More